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theme – real value typically not presentations but discussions and then impact on your own thoughts
didn’t fully appreciate sunlight foundation contribution to ecosystem
key issue is limited people in most countries and lots struggle to carry on with same hours n expenses – can okf host a clearing house to match funding n crowdsourced microfinance e.g. people that asked for a travel bursary but didnt get one?? (i was ok with airmiles from previous life in wealth mgt group offices systems audits)
mentioned to kenya speaker that tanzania team in isle of man to learn open parliament, etc (world bank i think)
liked brazil talk – always good to see progress in countries with large populations
no specific talks on real time sensors open data – smart city stuff
could open bank project work offshore?? perhaps a bank with low percentage offshore business, an opportunity to differentiate – talked about different levels and kyc procedures with “peps” in particular (politically exposed persons that might prefer transparency)

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20 October 2011 at 23:50

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